Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Petite Conversation with Jasmine [San Francisco]

This week on our instagram account, we have been chatting with Jasmine from Scissors Paper Stone about her trip to San Francisco. Read on to see what you missed.

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Can you share a travel tip for families heading to San Francisco?

JASMINE : On this particular occasion, I flew to San Francisco with my kids but without my husband who was tied up with work. I was nervous about the flight but was delighted to find this playroom when we transited in Seoul. If your flight takes you via Seoul, you might want to head to one of the four kiddy playrooms at the airport to give your kids a chance to expel some of their boundless energy.

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Share a meal or type of food that you enjoyed.

JASMINE : When you are in San Francisco, try the Mint Mojito Iced Coffees from Philz Coffee. Don't worry, there isn't any alcohol inside but the muddled mint leaves at the bottom of the iced coffee gives it a refreshing taste that will surely wake anyone up.

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Share a picture of a happy find.

JASMINE : We had just arrived in San Francisco that day and were a little jet-lagged and tired. Instead of cooking, we decided to have dinner in town at a little cafe that served all sorts of pies. As we were waiting for our pies to be served, the kids played outside the cafe when they spotted this yellow ladybug. It was a first for all of us!

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Describe a special memory from your travels.

JASMINE : My parents are a great help when we travel. They go along with the flow and try to lend a hand where needed because they understand how tough it can be with young kids.   I can't tell you how much I appreciate that extra hand. So here's a shot of my Dad at the Steinhart Aquarium when he chose to accompany the boys and I to the Academy of Science instead of having breakfast at the well-known Mama's restaurant on Washington Square with my Mum and Sis.

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Share with us a scenic spot from your travels.

JASMINE : The Bay Area Discovery Museum is not only a wonderful place for kids but it also offers great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. There are also picnic spots where you can have lunch, watch the kids continue their play and just soak up that that warm californian sunshine. That's if you aren't too busy snapping shots of your kids like I was.

Thinking of visiting San Francisco with the family, make sure you read Jasmine's post on kid-friendly factory tours and museums.

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