Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A Petite Conversation with Pamela [Blue Mountain Kelong]

Over the past week, we have been chatting with Pamela on Instagram about her trip to the Blue Mountain Kelong. Read on to hear all about the special memories and happy finds from her trip.

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Describe a special memory from your travels. 

PAMELA : One of our new friends we made at the kelong was this lady, WL (pictured with the kids). She is a social work professional in a school for children with special needs and hence was very good with speaking with children. She enjoyed talking to the kids and spending time with them. One morning, she asked them what they would like to be when they grow up. My daughter, Shawna's reply to her was, "I want to be Mummy". Afterwards, when WL told me this, she said "It shows that you've done a good job and you're a good Mummy to her, that's why she wants to be you when she grows up." I'd always remember this. 

PETITE TRAVELLERS : How did you prepare for this trip? Do you have any kid-friendly tips?

PAMELA : We expected that we would have nothing much to do at the kelong. So we packed each kid's favourite books, and brought some card games along. Card games are smaller and more portable than the big board games are, so card games are perfect for trips. My kids love to draw and doodle as well, so I brought along their doodle pads and colour pencils. These came in very handy during the trip.

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Share with us a scenic spot from your travels.

PAMELA : Right from my window! In fact, the whole kelong offers idyllic and tranquil spots for silent reflection or quiet conversation. I love this shot of the calm waters against the dramatic clouds.

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Share a picture of a happy find.

PAMELA : There's no shopping to be done on the kelong, but the kids found some seashells lying on the deck, laid out to dry by the kelong staff. Here's 3 year old Asher with a beautiful shell! 

PETITE TRAVELLERS : Which photo was your favourite shot taken during this holiday?

PAMELA : One of my favourites is this picture of 6 year old Isaac with the shore in the background. He looks like a poster kelong boy right here! :) 

Tempted to plan your own trip? Don't forget to read Pamela's Travel Post: Blue Mountain Kelong before you head there. 

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