Thursday, 31 July 2014

A Petite Conversation with Vera [London]

This week on our instagram account, we have been chatting with Vera from Life is in the Small Things about her trip to London. Read on to see what you missed.


PETITE TRAVELLERS: London is a long flight from Singapore! How did your children hold up?

VERA: This photo always makes me laugh and this image of my hobo-like little girl pretty much sums how we felt when we finally arrived at the hotel -- tired, dishevelled and hungry! The kids actually did really well on the flight as they pretty much occupied themselves with the in-flight entertainment system. My son was a wreck when he got off though, after watching TV for nearly 10 hours! We learnt from our mistake and regulated his TV time more carefully on the flight back.


PETITE TRAVELLERS: Can you describe a funny incident that took place on this trip?

VERA: That has got to be my son falling asleep at the table in the restaurant during one of the earlier days of our trip. It is usually so hard to get him to sleep but jet lag does hit hard! For the record, he missed dinner that night altogether.


PETITE TRAVELLERS: What is your favourite memory from this trip?

VERA: Definitely celebrating my birthday with friends and family with dinner at Jamie Oliver's Barbecoa! The food was fantastic -- all those grilled meats! Everyone enjoyed the food and despite the fact that I was down with flu, I had a really good time.


PETITE TRAVELLERS: Do you have any tips for families planning a trip to London? 

VERA: One thing which we were very glad for were the art materials that we brought along. We packed clipboards with blank paper and markers into our luggage and when the kids were jet-lagged and woke up really early the first few days, they were able to entertain themselves drawing and scribbling for a good while without disturbing us parents!


PETITE TRAVELLERS: Share with us a scenic spot from your travels.

VERA: I actually think that the city looks great when the sun is out, which alas, isn't too often! But it was a brilliant day when we visited Westminster Abbey and when we came out, we found a great spot nearby where we couldn't resist grabbing a picture with the iconic Big Ben in the background and the blue blue sky!

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