Monday, 11 August 2014

A Petite Conversation with June [Pan Pacific Singapore]

This week on our instagram account, we have been chatting with June from mamawearpapashirt about her staycation at Pan Pacific Singapore. Read on to see what you missed.

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Describe a special memory from your staycation. 

JUNE: You know, the fireworks display was great, and the kids had loads of fun throughout the staycation. But there was this one moment when we were walking along the rooftop area that links Pan Pacific to Millenia Walk - Vera and JJ were walking happily hand in hand and chatting away about the things around them, boy with balloon and girl with her hat. 

At that point, I realised that they've grown so close to each other especially over this past few months when we have been busy adjusting to our littlest one's arrival. It was a thankful and precious moment for me. 

PETITE TRAVELLERS: How did you prep for this trip? Any kid-friendly tips? 

JUNE: The thing about staycations is that you can be relaxed about packing to some extent as most essentials are within easy reach if you are staying around town. The person who needed the most stuff was little Josh. I had to bring his diapers, bibs, toys, pacifier, and food. I brought food that didn't require any cooking/warming up, eg avocado, pear, steamed apples and carrots. Thankfully the little guy was happy throughout the stay. :)

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Share with us a scenic spot from your staycation. 

JUNE: When we were walking around the area, we discovered that the Helix Bridge was a good vantage point to view the Singapore river, Marina Bay Sands, the tall CBD skyscrapers, and even the National Day parade grounds. I'm sure there were many people on the bridge yesterday catching the NDP action and fireworks display! Happy birthday again, Singapore! 

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Share with us your favourite pic from the staycation.

JUNE: We took at least 20 shots before getting a decent one, and still the littlest one wasn't looking at the camera! And also, notice the grumpy look on someone's face... Ahh well, I guess this pic is real in the sense that it captures the joy, wonder and frustration of parenting - all in one.

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