Thursday, 21 August 2014

Theme your holiday: Transportation

This travel post is written by Candice who blogs at She travelled to Switzerland and United Kingdom with her petite traveller, T (3 years).

When the husband and I travel to cities, the trips almost certainly become shopping expeditions that are usually a little boring and tiring for toddlers. In order to be able to have the son with us as we fill up our shopping bags, we came up with a theme (read: distraction) for him!

We looked through our itinerary and realized that we would be taking all the modes of transportation our son is familiar with. So we told him that it’s going to be a transportation-themed holiday for him where he gets to take many different types of transportation. That sure made him look forward to the trip!

To further build excitement, we started reading about the different types of transportation every other night as we counted down to our holiday.

Plane ride to Zurich

Airport shuttle
(whatever brings us from point A to point B is considered as a mode of transportation too!)

Train rides were common in Europe travel, which worked excellent for us 'cos T LOVES trains!

Gave T an old iPhone so that he could join us in taking pictures

Learning to read the map to see what bus to take

Waiting at the bus stop for the bus

And the bus arrived for T to ride!

On days when we need some treats to encourage good behaviour, we would use a not-as-common transportation ride as an incentive.

Example, a scenic leisure cruise ride if he learns to nap in the stroller...

...or a cable car ride from the top of the mountain

...or even a ride on the steepest cogwheel railway

And of course, there are always the usual transportation modes for quick perk-me-ups during the trip when the kid starts to be cranky!

Car ride!

London cab ride!

This is what we did in our bid to distract our kid from whining and turning cranky when he gets bored. Please do share more ideas on what you do to make a not-as-kid-friendly destination more fun for your kids!

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