Thursday, 4 September 2014

A Petite Conversation with Lyn [Harvey and Bunbury]

This week on our Instagram account, we have been chatting with Lyn from Little Blue Bottle about her Harvey farmstay and Bunbury dolphin watch. Here's the entire conversation, for the record.

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Was the roadtrip drive scenic?

LYN: The view as we drove from Bunbury to Harvey (about 40 mins), was stunning. Rolling hills and gorgeous sunshine. Makes joy well up in my soul!

PETITE TRAVELLERS: What's a special memory from your trip?

LYN: Wading out to see wild dolphins swim near to shore, completely of their own volition, was a mesmerising experience. All at the very affordable cost of entry into the humble Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre. There's also a university research lab on site that does research on these intelligent mammals.

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Were there any good finds during your trip?

LYN: Our great find was a bargain rainboat (spot it) at a huge supermart in Bunbury. With kids, trips to the supermarket are essential to stock up on milk and biscuits. Also good for checking out what yummy chocolates they may have, to buy home as gifts for family and friends.

In this photo, B was doing exactly what the illustrations on the trolley's handlebar showed NOT to do. This girl!

PETITE TRAVELLERS: What was unique about your destination?

LYN: I thought the farm was set amidst beautiful landscape. Even though it was not a large working farm, there was an expanse of hill and green fields all around, and a peaceful large dam in the distance.

I also thought it very unique that a tiny town like Harvey produced such a variety of food. Cheese, dairy milk, orange juice, beef - we found Harvey produce in all the aussie supermarkets we visited, and even saw Harvey fruit juice in Singapore! We bought some here just for the memories.

PETITE TRAVELLERS: What was your favourite memory from this trip?

LYN: This photo records a special memory of some of our favourite moments in Perth. We stayed with good friends for most of the trip, and they had constructed this awesome cubby house in their backyard. All by themselves (husband and wife), from a kit.

The kids had a blast playing there almost daily (there were arm chairs inside the 'room')! It was so much like the dream treehouse I never had in my childhood, that I was happy hanging out there with the kids!

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