Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A Petite Conversation with Pamela [Camping at Pasir Ris Park]

This week on our Instagram account (@petitetravellers), we have been chatting with Pamela from Tan Family Chronicles about her camping trip at Pasir Ris Park, on the Eastern shore of sunny Singapore. Read on to see what you missed.

Picture perfect postcard of Pasir Ris Park

PETITE TRAVELLERS: What is your favourite picture of the trip?

PAMELA: My favourite pictures of this trip are the pictures of this awesome awesome tent that belongs to one of the families that we went camping with. I just think it looks so grand and sheik-worthy. Against the backdrop of the coconut trees and the beach, it looks like a picture perfect postcard!

Tent size doesn't matter. Just have fun camping!

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Describe a funny incident that happened during your trip.

PAMELA: We had friends - a family with two sons, who was coming just to visit us during the day to join in the fun. In the spirit of camping, they brought along their tent even though they weren't going to stay the night as they had something on early the next day. However, when they arrived and saw the huge tents that the rest of us had, they jokingly said "That's it, we're going home now. We are ashamed to even set up our tent!" After they set it up, we could see what they meant, it was a bit small, compared to the size of the rest of our tents. Using Shawna as a yardstick, look at the different between our tent and our friends' tent. It was truly hilarious. We all had a good laugh. The kids didn't mind though, they still went into the tent and had fun! 

Camping with friends and family is fun!

PETITE TRAVELLERS: What do you miss most about your trip?

PAMELA: I actually miss the communal kitchen that we had under that yellow basha. All the families placed our foodstuff and cooking utensils there. And at meal times, we'd all be there cooking our own meals. We mostly bring our own food, but as is typical with Singaporeans, we tend to bring more than we need and everyone usually has enough to share a little with everyone else. There is also the sense of community in helping each other out. So whether you forgot to bring scissors, or cooking oil, or want for a little hot chocolate to add to your coffee for a campsite mocha... Someone is bound to help you out. With most kids, being finicky eaters, we parents also help each other by sharing food with another child who may want to eat that as well. Adults, especially the men, help to finish up any leftover food that has been cooked. It's a real sense of community that is really heartwarming.
Yawning Shawna woke up cheery and went in search of breakfast.

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Any kid friendly tips to share?

PAMELA:  It's important to prep your kids before the camping trip so that they know what to expect and to mentally prepare them for some physical hardship. Most kids would be very excited to want to go camping. So you can say stuff like "You sure you want to go camping? But there's no aircon, you know..." etc. Of course, you don't want to scare your children off camping either even before you embark on your trip. But it is still important to manage their expectations so that you don't end up with whiny children when you're there. 

I love the above picture of Shawna yawning. She had woken up cheery, and went to the kitchen in search of breakfast. Smiling one second, and yawning the next. Despite a less than perfect night's rest, she was still upbeat, not at all cranky, and proceeded to have a very good second day at camp.

Asher enjoying his breakfast together with the beautiful view of the sea

PETITE TRAVELLERS: Describe a special moment you had on your trip.

PAMELA: We were cooking and eating breakfast in the morning after the night we stayed over, and suddenly, I realised I didn't know where Asher was. "Where's Asher?" I asked, trying to be calm. Shawna pointed over to Asher. He had pulled a chair a distance away from the kitchen, to face the sea. And there he sat, looking out on the beach and the sea as he savoured his favourite pandan cake and drank the chocolate milk which Shawna was sharing with him. It occurred to me that it's not true that children only want things to be exciting all the time. Here, I had proof, that children had the ability to appreciate the peace and quiet of looking out to sea as well.

Head on over to Petite Travellers to read Pamela's post on her camping experience at Pasir Ris Park.

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