Friday, 10 October 2014

20 Reasons Why You Should Lug Your Kids on a Holiday

This post is written by June who blogs at mamawearpapashirt. With 3 little ones beneath her wings, she often wonders to herself if it's worth the trouble lugging them all over to explore the world. So this post is as much for her, as it is for you...

1. It's more fun to photograph kids together with tourists attractions. Sure, one kid will be wincing/pouting while another is busy stuffing his mouth with snack biscuits, right in front of the grand canyon or something as monumental, but you know it's these imperfect moments that can bring a smile to your face 10 years down the road.

That is, if you don't have a husband who likes to do jumpshots like this one:

2. You don't have to worry about what your kids are up to with babysitters back home (watching telly, alternating diet of ice-cream and candies every other hour, etc)

3. Lugging kids around departmental stores is almost akin to hiking up Mount Kinabalu, so it's likely to curb your wife's shopping expenses somewhat. (Unless you're staying right in the middle of the city, where there's late night shopping. On that note, best to stay outside of the city.)

4. Because there's something about hotels and pools and bathtubs and horsey-rides that make a child go into "perpetual happiness" mode. (Okay, maybe like 50% of the time.)

5. In some countries, and on most airlines, families with children are given priority treatment (priority boarding, priority queues for tourists spots and buffet lines, and free balloons, chocolate and candy out of nowhere).

6. Because you don't really want to hear your wife lament, "I wish we brought the kids," every time she sees other families with kids or a special scenic spot that she knows the kids would love to visit.

7. It's excellent bonding time with your children. There's nothing like getting to experience new places and do things out-of-the-ordinary together with them. All while not having to worry about getting the chores done!

8. 10 years down the road, your kids won't lodge a complaint against you at the Ministry of Social and Family Development saying that you've been locking them up at home while you go gallivanting with your spouse to fun places.

9. Your babysitters (granny, grandpa, aunty and/or helper) at home will gladly let you go with nary a complaint about why you're not sponsoring a trip for them too. They may even ask you to stay a week (or two) longer.

10. It's more fun (in a wacky, overcrowded, and waking up with a teeny toe in your nose kind of way) to all bunk on the same king-sized bed.

11. Because you don't have to worry about buying bribes, I mean rewards, for them when you come home.

12. Because kids make good conversation starters, and companions around a dinner table, despite the mess. Seriously. Plus they can make you gobble up your food in 5 minutes flat.

13. Kids make good excuses when you need to use the bathroom in a hurry.

14. Hearing a little voice whine "Are we there yet" for the 101 time and other incessant noisies from the back seat while on a road trip helps to keep you awake at the driver's seat.

15. So that you don't have to feel guilty for the next 5 years.

16. Caring for the kids is a good way to burn calories, so you can binge without guilt.

17. Many family-friendly hotels now boast excellent child-minding facilities and fun activities, so you can drop them off for a few hours and pamper yourself with some luxurious spa treatments or enjoy couple-time.

18. You never need to set an alarm clock, or request a wake-up call.

19. You get to go to fun places like Disneyland and go on rides like a kid again!

20. So that you can let the kids stuff themselves silly with a lifetime worth of treats at the buffet table. And get chocolaty kisses after. ;)

What's your favourite reason for wanting to travel with kids? Do share with us by leaving a comment below!


  1. My favourite reason is so that we have memories to talk about years hence, and photos to look back on! I think you covered the universe of reasons though, haha!

  2. We believe in lugging the kids along because it's DOUBLE or TRIPLE or QUADRUPLE the fun (depending on how many kids you brought) experiencing new places together and those shared memories get deposited into the family's emotional treasure trove! :D

    1. Nice one, Angie! Yes, holiday moments do add to our memory banks for keeps!

  3. #6 is definintely me, and the husband knows it!

  4. So true! I think I'll get separation anxiety, and won't be able to enjoy the holiday at all. Okay, maybe a little, but the guilt will probably last a long time.


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