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Oh, the places you'll go! Places to visit round the year.

This post is written by Candice who blogs at Missus Tay's Journal. She takes her cue to start planning vacations whenever MOM publishes the public holidays for the following year on their site. Here are some suggestions she put together on where to take your petite travellers!


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If you’re looking for a beach holiday nearby, consider Phuket and Krabi! Weather is perfect in January with low rainfall and humidity, plenty of sun, and calm waters. Read Lyn's posts on Phuket resorts here.

Or go for a luxurious island holiday at Maldives! Weather is cooling with temperatures ranging between 29°C in the day and 25°C at night. Rain is relatively rare during this month of dry season.

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With average temperature at about 26°C, blue skies and little or no rain, Cambodia makes a great holiday destination in the month of January. Exploring the architectural beauty of Angkor temples at Siem Reap would be more comfortable too.


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If you belong to the camp who prefers to get away from the Chinese New Year madness, how about traveling way up north to see the great Northern Lights with the extra long weekend next year? Check out destinations like Reykjavik in Iceland, Svalbard in Norway or Scotland in United Kingdom for spectacular views of the Northern Lights.

credit: www.japan-guide.com

Spring starts sometime in late March to early April in Japan and according to Ai Sakura, that is the best time to catch the blossoming of sakura or cherry trees. Check out her post on sakura viewing at Ueno Park and at Yoyogi Park.


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Want to feel like you are on top of the world? How about getting a bird's eye view from a hot air balloon? The best time is from April to about mid-June in Turkey, when the weather is moderate and the days are long.

credit: Scissors Paper Stone

Experience a different side of Australia at Kakadu, Northern Territories. Go between April to May to avoid the hottest months and swim in the gorges. Read Jasmine's sharing about their road trips and visit to wetlands here.


credit: Life's Tiny Miracles

Angeline from Life’s Tiny Miracles shares that the months of May, June and July are generally considered to be the best time to travel to Bali in terms of the weather if you wish to do more sightseeing and outdoor activities (like bringing the kids to the Treetop Adventure Park or visiting the Bali Safari & Marine Park).


credit: Life's Tiny Miracles

If long flight durations do not daunt you, Angeline suggests the early Summer months of late May to June to visit New York City. There are outdoor concerts at the parks, summer sales and lots of activities for families to take advantage of the long daylight. Temperature averages 22 to 24C in the afternoons so it is really pleasant for sight-seeing.


The Amazing Thailand Grand Sales take place between June to August. Personally I would prefer to be there after the June holidays to get even cheaper airfare and hotel rates. There are plenty of affordable and cute clothes and accessories for the petite travellers! Mommies would be glad to know that inner wear comes in large variety of designs, in more sizes, and at much cheaper prices at Bangkok malls with discounts and VAT refunds.

credit: a million little echoes

Read all about how you can have a kids-centric holiday in Bangkok at A Million Little Echoes!


Probably your best bet for a non-dreary holiday if you head to the United Kingdom in August. The kids will go wild in Legoland Windsor, which has longer opening hours in August.

credit: Warner Bros. Studio

Step into the magical world of Hogwarts with the Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros. Studio. Make sure to book your tickets (WAYYYY) in advance! Here's a post on the tour by another of our contributor, Delphine.


credit: MalMal Our Inspiration

Up for some rugged traveling with your not-as-petite travelers? Try trekking in Sapa, Vietnam between September to October, when the weather is cool and dry. Read about fellow mom blogger, Rachel’s experience in Sapa with her petite travelers.


credit: Disneyland

October is a great time to visit Disneyland, especially the ones in USA. The parks are less crowded with kids back to school from their summer break. The weather is really pleasant during this time too – plenty of sunshine with cool temperatures in the mid-20s during the day which makes walking and queuing for rides in the parks much more comfortable. Be amazed by the Halloween-themed transformation of Disneyland Park and spend a not-so-scary Halloween with Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters!

You may like to check out seasoned Disneyland traveller, Ellena's post here.

credit: yannisms

If you are looking for something nearer, how about heading down under to Sydney? Yann shares her absolutely lovely time in Sydney here.


Enjoy the great outdoors with picturesque landscapes in New Zealand. Hike with the petite travelers on easy trails that lead to waterfalls, lakes or forests.

credit: all days beautiful

Check out some of the breath-taking places Mommy Cayce brings her petite traveler to.

Or take a cruise out to sea at Kaikoura and be awed by the magnificent whales. If you are up for it, swim alongside with the dolphins and seals for an unforgettable experience. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, there’s always horse riding!


credit: Royal Caribbean

Sail away on a royal cruise! With DreamWorks Experience, spas, fitness centre, adventure activities, overwhelming dining options on board, everyone gets to have a good time! Read about mom blogger, Summer's experience with her girls here.
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