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What's in these Petite Travellers' bags?

Have you ever wondered what other mums pack into their kids' travelling bags? Here's a peek into the kiddie bags of four of our most loved mummy bloggers...First up, let's check out the bags belonging to Zee from A Nugget of Joy
  1. Mommy's Helper inflatable bath tub - Since #2 still can't stand up for his baths, I was looking around for a travel tub and thought this was perfect since it is compact enough to be packed away once deflated, and is the right size for him. Guess what, he really looks forward to his baths in the inflatable tub! 
  2. Mothers En Vogue nursing shawl - I bought this when I was still nursing and even though I've just stopped nursing, I've gotten used to bringing this around since it doubles up as a shawl for me and a blanket for the kids if they fall asleep in the stroller. I love how soft it feels to the skin and how I can easily fold it and keep it in the diaper bag. 
  3. Badger Aromatic Chest Rub - This was introduced to me by a friend and the kids and I love it. Aly especially, requests for this to be applied on her chest and under her nose and when she has a cough or when she has a blocked nose. It comforts her and helps her to sleep better. 
  4. California Baby calendula cream - This multi-purpose cream can be used by the entire family and is my solution to any skin problems when we are traveling. It also doubles up as a diaper rash cream and helps to sooth and moisturize dry skin, especially in cold weather. 
  5. Plum organics super puffs - No packing is complete without snacks for the kiddos. I usually bring along with me a variety of baby snacks. These are especially useful during mealtimes, on the plane when they are bored and fussing, and generally for whenever we need some peace and quiet!
  6. Munchkin diaper clutch - This is one of the most useful items during my travel as it has pockets for diapers, wet wipes and plastic bags and opens up to be a diaper changing pad (with everything I need within easy reach). This means that I only have to bring this diaper clutch along (and not the entire diaper bag) when I have to change for #2, which is really useful on the plane where changing has to be done in the tiny toilet. 
  7. Babyganics alcohol free hand sanitizer - perfect for the times I need to handle milk bottles or feed baby, but have no access to a sink or a toilet.
  8. Peter Rabbit organic pasta sauce - With this, preparing a meal of paste for the kids is a breeze! Especially useful on days when the kids have nothing suitable to eat when traveling.  
  9. Pigeon hand and mouth anti-bacterial wipes - I use this to wipe the kiddos' hands before every meal and to clean their mouths and hands after meals!
  10. Hello Kitty kids cutlery and Oxo spoon in travel case - These are important since not every restaurant/eating place we visit offers kids cutlery. If I want #1 to self feed, then I have to give her suitable cutlery to do so. It is even more important for me to bring our own spoon for #2 since spoons provided by the restaurants will probably be too big for him. The travel case for the Oxo spoon is useful for times when we have no time/opportunity to wash the spoon after feeding #2.    

The next submission comes from Debs G from Owls Well and Owl Fly Away travel blog. Check out her detailed itineraries for Down Under, Hakone, and Pembrokeshire!

  1. Doodle pad from The Paper Stone - I like this spiral bound notebook with blank pages - really great for keeping the kids occupied on long journeys and in restaurants. They can draw, colour, write notes and play tic-tac-toe.
  2. Ballpoint crown pen from The Paper Stone - This is a nice, very slim pen that writes well and looks pretty. The bright colour makes it easy for me to find in the dark depths of my bag!
  3. Hello Kitty box from Daiso - I use this to store emergency supplies like bandaids, hair elastics and safety pins - you never know what can go wrong on your trip. It's really tiny, so it tucks away nicely in the inner pocket of my purse.
  4. Patterned bandaids from Watsons: There's nothing that cures a scraped knee better than a kiss and a colourful bandaid! I like the Hello Kitty patterns for Little E and the Spiderman patterns for J.
  5. Kid's sunnies from Polaroid: These are uber-flexible sunglasses with large wraparound lenses that are great for kids. They come along with us on every holiday - especially beach holidays!
  6. Identity bracelet from My Safety ID - These wrist or ankle bands contain vital information like emergency contact numbers and allergy warnings. I carry one for each of my kids and if we're going to a really busy and crowded place where there is a risk that we might get separated (like in an airport or at a theme park), then I have them on hand for the kids to wear!
  7. Lip Sugar in Berry from Fresh - I love this tinted lip treatment with SPF 15 which feels very silky when it goes on and looks great. It is especially good for preventing lips from getting chapped in dry or windy weather!
  8. Hero4 camera from GoPro - This is my latest toy and I love it because it is SO tiny. It takes great videos, decent photos, and it's waterproof and super hardy! I haven't used it much yet, but I can already tell that it's going to be a permanent resident of my handbag! 

Lyn and her petite travellers (from Lil Blue Bottle) recently went to Phuket and Penang, and here are some things they didn't leave home without!
  1. Original Sprout's SPF 27 Face and Body Sunscreen. I love it cos it's the most non-greasy sunscreen I've ever come across, and it's free of Phthalates and Titanium Dioxide too. Good sunscreen is a must because we spend so much time at the swimming pool, on the beach, and just walking outdoors whilst on holiday!
  2. Relief balm and lip balm - Blue Stone Botanicals' relief balm soothes everything from insect bites to ouchies and rashes. And lip balm to keep lips supple!
  3. Comb, sunglasses, travel pack cotton buds from another hotel stay, and wet wipes (a must-have)!
  4. Pencil case of Sharpies - for hours of drawing and colouring fun on the plane and at mealtimes (oops).
  5. Passport and foreign currency holder (in owls fabric) - handmade by a Singaporean mum under the PinkLabel brand, it can hold up to 4 passports, and has many compartments for currency so that I can set aside money for airport tax, transport from hotel to airport, so that I remember not to spend everything (it happens).
  6. PinkLabel waterproof wet bag (in pink roses with olive leaves fabric) - it is essential for dripping wet swimsuits, goggles and the like! So much prettier than a plastic bag.  

Karen from Mums Calling is a stay-home mum who loves to travel with her kids. (You can check out her travel posts here.) Read on to find out what she packs into their trunkis.

  1. Nivea Sun Kids Sunscreen – A necessity for the kids as they are easily tanned. Some countries can be extremely sunny because of its clear sky throughout the seasons.
  2. Caps or hats – While we know they are used to give little faces their much needed shade, we had like to appreciate its dual role of accessorizing the kids. Brightens up holiday pictures too.
  3. Moz Away insect repellent – We love exploring nature, and we know what’s living within nature. Whether or not such adventure is in our itinerary, it’s good to have along.
  4. California Baby face and body moisturizer – Even in tropical countries. The air conditioner in some hotels can be icy cold even when we turn up the temperature. While in cold countries, their delicate skin can get really dry and chappy.
  5. Swim wear – When shopping and sightseeing gets overwhelming, we like to relax and hibernate in the hotel, and make use of its swimming pool. We might bring them to the beach too.
  6. Snacks –We can never predict flight cancellations or delays. It’s always good to have some snacks within reach. Small, individually packed and filling for little tummies. Granolas are good buys. Sweets are good bribes.
  7. Bedtime buddies – If they didn’t pack this along, none of us would get a good night's sleep. The girl has a doll and the boy a blanket he's had (and cuddled) since infant days.
  8. Entertainment – The kids love books. We will seek out thin and light weighted books to pack along. Little notepads, pens, crayons or even a word search book can buy me some peace during their restless moments.
  9. Comb – My daughter needs this more than me.
  10. Hair accessories – Some choices of hair clips and bands to help my girl look nice and stylish in pictures.
We hope you've discovered some new fab finds from this post. Do follow us on Facebook for more updates. And remember to leave us a comment if you have any favourites to add on to these lists!
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