This is a collaborative blog about family-friendly holidays for discerning little people.

The creators of Petite Travellers come from diverse backgrounds. But a love for their children and a taste for travelling to family-friendly destinations bind them together.

Here are our contributors:

Angie is Mom to a chirpy, adventurous 6 year old who has inherited her parents' wanderlust. As a family, they have walked on live volcanic crater, touched an ancient meteorite, swam in the Pacific, stayed in a safari and scored many other unique experiences in distant lands. They hope to have the chance to witness the aurora borealis and ride on husky sleds next. Angie shares their family-friendly travelogue at ourprincessdana.com.

Candice is a supermom-wannabe of a 3 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. She loves to travel but hates the hassle of flying. In her little pockets of free time, she squeezes in some blogging at missustay.com.  

Corsage is a mother of two precocious girls, aged 2 and almost 5. Married to a Malaysian, Corsage and her family have spent much of their holidays travelling up north. Family holidays to her are a lot about compromise - fitting in everyone's desires within a precious time-frame, and a realistic budget. For now, her girls' most memorable travel experiences include lots of time with family, the sun, the sand and the sea. Corsage is a serial multi-tasker and is thrilled to be part of this Petite Travellers project. Besides thoughts about family, you can also find her writing about food, healthy living and other life's tidbits at adollopofme.com.

Delphine is a wonder-mom of three - Anya (5), Adam (3), and David (0.5). Deeply passionate about exploring the world and gallivanting off to unravel new adventures with her family, she always amazes people with her never-ending energy. While taking a breather from adventure-hunting, she blogs about faith, life and (very importantly) food at intheweehours.wordpress.com.  

Jasmine is a mum of two boys and has been travelling with her kids since her first son was 5 months old. They love zoos, aquariums and wildlife parks. When she isn't petite-travelling, she can be found crafting at scissorspaperstoneblog.com.

June is a writer-mama of three. To stay sane and keep the older two (aged 5 and 3) happy, she brings them around town to explore museums, churches, parks and playgrounds, all while secretly hatching a plan on how to escape to the nearest cafe to grab a cuppa and scone. When she isn't petite-travelling, she is busy sharing parenting tips and inspirations at mamawearpapashirt.com.

Lyn is a mum of two girls, aged five and three. She loves travelling with her family, and dreams of going on long treks with them in New Zealand some day. To add some spice to her life, she blogs at littlebluebottle.blogspot.sg.

Pamela is a mummy of three kids - a 7 year old boy and a pair of 4 year old boy & girl twins. She loves petite-travelling with the kids. And the petite travellers, blessed as they are, have all travelled out of the continent even before they were 2 years old. These days, time zooms away for Pamela when she spends time with the kids, selling board games and building blocks on MyFirstGames.sg and blogging for fun at TanFamilyChronicles.com.

Vera is mummy to two intrepid adventurers. A self-proclaimed don’t-stay-at-home Mum, nothing makes her happier than bringing her little adventurers to explore nature, soak in some culture, learn some history and check out the latest happenings around town. Better yet if they can do this in another country! The USA, Australia and Italy are among her family’s favourite destinations. When she gets some downtime, Vera can be found sharing her adventures and recounting her parenting joys and trials at lifeisinthesmallthings.com. 

We'd love to hear from you on what we can do better, or what you'd like to see more of. Do drop us a note at: petitetravellers@gmail.com

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